Our Highlights

The 21st Annual Conference & Exhibition of the SLA - AGC in Abu Dhabi - UAE

The Special Libraries Association - Arabian Gulf Chapter (SLA-AGC) would like to invites all of you to attend the 21st Annual Conference & Exhibition “The Internet and Positive Change for Librarians and Information Professionals: Creating Real Future Impact.”, that is going to be hold at Fairmont Bab Bahr Hotel, Abu Dubai, UAE. Between 17-19 March, 2015.

Health Information Overload: Challenges & Solutions

Royal Hospital, Muscat from 15-16th October 2014, Special library Association/Arabian Gulf Chapter (SLA/AGC) with Oman Medical Specialty Board and Royal Hospital are honored to invite you Welcome to the fourth Medical Information Symposium.

The 20th Annual Conference & Exhibition of the SLA - AGC in Qatar

The Special Libraries Association - Arabian Gulf Chapter (SLA-AGC) would like to invites you to the 20th Annual conference “Enhancing in Digital Knowledge Society’s Information Needs”, which will be held at Ritz Carlton Hotel , Doha, Qatar between 25-27 March , 2014.

SLA AGC 19th Annual Conference in Abu Dhabi, UAE

The Special Libraries Association - Arabian Gulf Chapter (SLA-AGC) would like to inviting you to be part of the SLA-AGC 19th Annual Conference & Exhibition, which will be held at Fairmont Bab Al Bahr, Abu Dhabi, UAE, from 23-25 April 2013 under title of “ The Future of Professional: Break the no longer traditional profession and tune in to the future of digital professional environment”.

Call for Paper - 19th Annual Conference

On behalf of the SLA-AGC, We would like to invite you to participate in the SLA-AGC 19th conference which will be held in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. for more information please be advice to download the following documents.

Oman, Healthcare Professional Workshop (closed)

We are pleased to invite you on behalf of the Sultan Qaboos University (College of Arts & Social Science and Medical library), Royal Hospital Medical library, Oman Medical Specialty board and Special Libraries Association (Arabian Gulf Chapter) to attend a symposium to be held in Muscat, Sultanate of Oman during the period 13-14th February, 2013 titled “Health information Under Microscope: Challenges & Solutions”.

Bahrain, The SLA-AGC 18th Annual Conference

In achieving the association vision as being the regional mirror of the Arabic information professionals. our conference in Bahrain will try bring the scientific research and professional experiences with regard the current developments in information institutions and organizations.

Workshops 2012 – 2013

The Special Library Association – Arabian Gulf Chapter is intended to provide two valuable workshops in Abu Dhabi, UAE and Muscat, Oman.

Oman, Healthcare Professional Workshop (closed)

The symposium is a two-day event. It is expected to gather around 150 delegates comprising of international and local exhibitors, librarians, physicians, hospital directors, medical students, nurses and other supporting staff.

Kuwait, Managing Digital Assets Workshop (closed)

Our societies and institutions are in dire need for better handling of their documents, archives, records, and other information resources considered vital for the contemporary societies. Admittedly digital solutions are enhancing our capacities for creation, publishing, selecting, organizing and managing digital assets. These technologies become relevant if the issues of selection, management, and organization of digital assets are addressed by those managers who are equipped with the right competencies. This workshop is designed to address this vital need.

SLA/AGC Board Members Attending SLA Chicago 2012

Four of SLA/AGC board members this year had the opportunity to visit the SLA Chicago 2012 Conference, It has been a great experience this year to explore more about what SLA has to offer. The INFO & EXPO were more than great in providing new and variety of tools and services that are beneficial for different groups. On other hand, the sessions were rich and diverse, coming from different backgrounds and specialities, each one of us had the opportunity to attend at least 3 sessions, which were valuable, helpful, and useful in many ways.

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