SLA/AGC Board Members Attending SLA Chicago 2012

Dear all

Four of SLA/AGC board members this year had the opportunity to visit the SLA Chicago 2012 Conference as following:

  1. Saleh A. Ebrahim (Webmaster)
  2. Dr. Majeda Gareeb (Board Member)
  3. Affra Al Shamisy (Professional Development)
  4. Dr. Saif Al Jabri (Past President)

It has been a great experience this year to explore more about what SLA has to offer. The INFO & EXPO were more than great in providing new and variety of tools and services that are beneficial for different groups. On other hand, the sessions were rich and diverse, coming from different backgrounds and specialities, each one of us had the opportunity to attend at least 3 sessions, which were valuable, helpful, and useful in many ways.

The board members have attend the international reception, which it was great chance to meet other from all over the glob. Also, Dr. Saif has participate with a poster for a research he has done earlier. sessions in Health Care, Knowledge Sharing, Management, Information Resources and more, the board were interested to attend and acquire the value out of it for more development in our region.

As a chapter we would like to congratulate all members on SLA for organizing such event in a wonderful city like Chicago and we are all looking forward to attend it next year in SanDiego 2013!!!

I would allow my colleagues to make there own impressions by commenting in this post to deliver their experiences and thoughts throughout their trip there!!! meanwhile, enjoy having a look at some picture taken there!!!

Photo Gallery

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