Conference Main Themes

BigData and Information Industry:

This theme covers the core concerns of information providers, investors and users. It focuses on a number of issues related to:

  • BigData and sustainable development.
  • BigData and the strategic planning and decision making.
  • BigData and the future of the information industry.

Managing BigData:

  • Software and hardware used in managing BigData.
  • Challenges of BigData management.
  • BigData and cloud storage: practices and challenges.
  • Information security issues and privacy of BigData.

Big Data 2.0: Critical Roles for Libraries and Librarians:

  • Big Data 2.0 and the applications of crowdsourcing, data analytics, social media, and Web2.0 technologies.
  • Processing unstructured data: BigData mining and searching.
  • Managing large scale records and archives: processing, analysis, storage, long-term preservation and access.
  • possibilities and problems of big data and the implications it has for librarians New roles for Information professionals and Librarians: sophisticated skills to balance between understanding information user needs and data curation.

Data Science and LIS Programs:

  • The essential competences of the data science professionals.
  • Partnerships and interdisciplinarity: the ways to integration in LIS Programs.
  • Future responsiveness of the Library and information job titles and descriptions.
  • Departments of Library and Information sciences identity.

BigData and Practices in Developing Countries:

  • BigData in the health sector as a an example.
  • Successful experiments in BigData management.
  • Corporations between providers, libraries, and educational programs in handling BigData.