Department of Information Studies at SQU

The Information Studies Department was established upon the opening of the College of Arts and Social Sciences in the academic year 1987-1988, to meet the needs of the Omani society for qualified specialists in the field of Libraries and Information Science. In that, this specialization is unique in Oman, and as a result, was given high and special attention from the university and the society in order to raise the information profession in Oman.

Due to the importance of the Information Profession, the department developed and offered postgraduate degrees in the specialization to support the Bachelor’s degree in Information Studies. Therefore, a Master’s degree in Library and Information Science was provided in 2004, followed by a PhD degree in the Information Science in 2010. These postgraduate programs were intended to develop the specialized and professional learning and to promote research in the field. The three programs; Bachelor, Master and PhD were designed to produce professionals who are able to solve problems, organize and manage knowledge, deal with information databases and information systems and networks, able to communicate with users and fulfill their various needs, have skills to search for information in the internet and able to design websites and conduct search strategies.

Recently, the Sultan Qaboos University started to move quickly toward applying quality and accreditation standards in learning and research in order to improve its level and promote its reputation regionally and internationally. In alignment with this line, the Information Studies Department started to move toward the accreditation and reputation by taking wise steps such as updating its academic plans, changing its name and brining experts to evaluate its plans and programs and finally, entering in partnership with a British accreditation institution called CILIP.

As a result of all these steps, the British accreditation institution CILIP announced that the Bachelor program in the department was accredited for five years commencing from 22 February 2016 and can be renewed and this is the maximum period of accreditation. To continue the successful steps and to be a leading department among Arab Countries and the Arab Gulf States, the department moved to get accreditation for the Master program. As a result, the following year, the Master program was accredited by the same institution (CILIP) and the accreditation is valid till 5th of April 2022.

For all that, it can be frankly said that the Information Studies Department is the first department to be accredited for the Bachelor program among the Arab Gulf States and also the first department to be accredited at the Master program among the Arab Countries as a bilingual program.

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