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24th Annual Conference & Exhibition of the Special Libraries Association/ Arabian Gulf Chapter:
BigData and its investment prospects: The way towards knowledge integration
6 - 8 March 2018, Muscat - Oman

Today’s BigData and Cloud Technology is creating the marketing strategies of the libraries and information centers future. It is predicted that the market for big data will reach $43.3 billion in 2017, growing 6 times faster than the overall IT market, while libraries and information centers are considered the actual repository that users expect to find their needs in. Based on that, the conference intends to:

  1. Bring together applications from professional researchers, academics, Publishers, and users in the area of information studies and related disciplines.
  2. Expand professional competences and expertise of information progr ams, library services, and publishers market.
  3. Increase and encourage information and knowledge values stemming from the massive volume of data which are made available currently and in the near future.
  4. Explore the approaches for Big Data and Service Sharing in resources, portals, platforms, and open-sources, technology and tools.
  5. Encourage the issue of interdisciplinarity in managing BigData to ensure integration of deep knowledge rather than presenting uniformed learning and training programs.
  6. Help publishers, marketers and information services providers playing the numbers game (analytics) revealing the user side of data aggregation and analysis, the way they compile, assess, and act on
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Conference Themes

BigData and Information Industry:

This theme covers the core concerns of information providers, investors and users. It focuses on a number of issues related to:

  • BigData and sustainable development.
  • BigData and the strategic planning and decision making.
  • BigData and the future of the information industry.

Managing BigData:

  • Software and hardware used in managing BigData.
  • Challenges of BigData management.
  • BigData and cloud storage: practices and challenges.
  • Information security issues and privacy of BigData.

Big Data 2.0: Critical Roles for Libraries and Librarians:

  • Big Data 2.0 and the applications of crowdsourcing, data analytics, social media, and Web2.0 technologies.
  • Processing unstructured data: BigData mining and searching.
  • Managing large scale records and archives: processing, analysis, storage, long-term preservation and access.
  • possibilities and problems of big data and the implications it has for librarians New roles for Information professionals and Librarians: sophisticated skills to balance between understanding information user needs and data curation.

Data Science and LIS Programs:

  • The essential competences of the data science professionals.
  • Partnerships and interdisciplinarity: the ways to integration in LIS Programs.
  • Future responsiveness of the Library and information job titles and descriptions.
  • Departments of Library and Information sciences identity.

BigData and Practices in Developing Countries:

  • BigData in the health sector as a an example.
  • Successful experiments in BigData management.
  • Corporations between providers, libraries, and educational programs in handling BigData.

Important Dates:

  • Deadline abstract submission 15th of October 2017
  • Decision of Acceptance 30th of October 2017
  • Deadline paper submission 30th of November 2017
  • Final Decision Notification 15th of December 2017