Welcome Message from the President

Libraries and information centers are engaging in a vital role with today society, they both hold a noble mission , and hence we live in this era of technological revolution, with the increasing demands and aspirations of library users, we found ourselves thinking seriously of exploring the best methods to improve performance and create a sustainable development for libraries and information centers. Since they both coexisted for a long time, libraries and information centers should have the priority to benefit from knowledge.

As you all know, we live in a time where information and data accumulate by the moment, and this accumulation is moving rapidly without limits. It is incrementing by the hour which causes more data tools are being added. Hence, the idea of this 24th conference title came about : “Big Data and its investment prospects : The way towards knowledge integration”.

It is my deep pleasure, hosting this vital conference in Oman to discuss issues related to Big data information management to enable user, libraries , information centers , and publishers to invest in it.

Our gratitude and pleasure will always stay vivid towards Sultan Qaboos University and the organizing committee for everyone of us and the generations to come.

Please accept my thanks for your pleasant attendance and my best wishes for a splendid and successful conference.

Naser Mohammed Ali
Current President of SLA-AGC